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Translation Services

Welcome to Jane’s English, Chinese and Asian languages translation service, providing you top quality work performed by professional translators. We provide translation for a very large variety of personal and professional documents at highly competitive rates but without compromising on the exceptional quality that is our trademark. We also use native speakers which is why we can identify and properly translate slang and other colloquialisms, including “terms of art” that native speakers would use in each language. With our translation services, you do not get back “electronic web-speak” that you may frequently see using Babelfish, Babylon, Google’s translation services and others of that genre. While they are good tools for what they do, there is no substitute for human translation. And while there are other good translators, Jane has been performing quality translation services for over 13 years which provides you with the utmost reliability. Please Contact us now!

We are also affiliated with TheLaw Network, a prestigious name in online legal services and legal advice. Other examples of testimonials of our work can be found on this web site, to give you further assurance that we’re reliable, honest, hard working people who give you top notch quality translations that can satisfy anyone from individuals to Fortune companies.